РОСТОК Production for the railways Ditch-trench machine МКТ-500

Ditch-trench machine МКТ-500

Price: upon request

Is destined for cleaning and widening the existing ditches, cutting new ditches, setting right the track-bed benches and the fill slopes  of a formation, making the cross trenches in a rotor working zone, making the longitudinal trenches, profiling a ballast section, conveyance a cut material into a rolling stock for the weeds removal or to a dump.

The machine is self-propelled in a working mode that allows it to move on its own in a working zone when executing the technological operations.

Power supply of  МКТ-500 machine executive devices and its moving in a working mode is provided by an independent diesel-electric-hydraulic plant having a power of 250 kW and driven carriages.

Control cab meets all the ergonomic requirements and provides maximum visibility both when moving and executing the technological operations.

Technical characteristics               

Production capacity, m³/h (no less than)


Maximum extension of the executive devices relatively to a track axis, m:


                                                                            - rotor


                                                                            - plows


Maximum penetration of a rotor device from a rail head level, m          


Power of a power plant, kW  


Length on the automatic couplers axes, m                             


Quantity of the running gear axles, pcs.                                                                


Weight, t                                                           


Speed of self-propelled movement in the frames of a working site, km/h                   

from 0 to 4,0

Servicing staff, pers.                          




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