РОСТОК Production for the railways Machine for local track alignment МЛП

Machine for local track alignment МЛП

Price: upon request

Machine for local track alignment МЛП is destined for elimination of unexpectedly appearing and requiring urgent correction deviations in condition of a railway track.

МЛП is applied on the local track sections of the main and station railway tracks having 1520 mm track and the rails up to P75 inclusively with wooden or ferro-concrete sleepers, all kinds of rail bindings ballast.

МЛП  is universal track machine of cyclic operation performing simultaneous or independent aligning, straightening and tamping a railway track with dosated road metal adding into the cribs and at the sleeper flanks, leveling the added ballast and also stabilizing and raising transverse stability of aligned track.
Here, in the beginning of МЛП  working process board computer of the machine makes calculation of alignment and dosated ballast adding program on the back track section proceeding from data of a local section condition received during measuring travel of the machine or received from a measuring car (КВЛП type). The machine, from the initial point of the local section, according to  a selected program, makes road metal adding and levels a ballast section, on the way back it executes alignment, tamping and straightening of the track. The machine during final pass after track alignment makes stabilization of the section.

A microprocessor system allows to perform control of all the executive devices of the machine.

Two-sleepers tamping blocks of an original design equipped with automated lubrication system of “Lincoln” Co. (Germany) are installed on  МЛП. Aligning-straightening device is equipped with the roller clamps.

A transmission is made on the base of hydrostatic transmission.

МЛП in addition at libitum of a customer can be equipped with a load manipulator having 3,5 ton-force  lifting capacity, a set of replaceable equipment: timber clamp, hook and clamshell having volume 3,5 m³.

МЛП is able to move on its own on the main tracks to a working place owing to high transport speed, available radio, system of traffic safety, automated system of fire detection and extinguishing in a power plant.

Climatic version type У, allocation category 1 under ГОСТ 15150, but for work at an environment temperature from -10°C up to +40°C when a ballast is not regelated.
Main technical characteristics*

Denomination of parameter

Value 0f parameter

Production capacity, sleepers/hour:

when aligning and tamping

when aligning, tamping and stabilization




Type of stabilization mechanism

vibrating, with horizontal and vertical vibro-action onto rail-sleeper grate

Accuracy of track alignment:

of longitudinal profile smoothness on a base of 2,5 m, ‰ (no less than)

on the level, mm, (no more than)

on straightening (difference of two adjacent bending deflections measured in the center of 20-m chord on a 5 m distance, mm (no more than)





Power of power plant, kW (hp)

295 (400)

Maximum movement speed, km/h:

self-propelled movement in a transport mode

with a separate locomotive

measuring travel with the dropped carriages

in a working mode when batching, leveling and stabilization   






Minimum radius of passed curvatures, m:

in a transport mode

in a working mode




Maximum surmountable track slope, ‰


Gabarites of negotiation in a transport position


Time for transfer of the machine from working to transport position (in emergency situation), min (no

more than)



Weight of the machine in equipped condition, t (no more than)


Servicing staff, pers.


Loading  capacity of manipulator, tf m (no less than)


Volume of bin for ballast, m³


1st May Kirovsky Mashzavod

*To provide technical characteristics required to the machine, the elements of a permanent way crest structure (rails, sleepers, binds, ballast, profile, etc.) must meet the requirements of the normative-technical documents valid relatively to the railways of a customer.

The Enterprise reserves the right to bring alteration into kitting-up and technical characteristics of produced equipment. Technical characteristics and possible kitting-up shall be necessary specified in a process of preparing of a request.

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