РОСТОК Production for the railways Liner-tamper-straightening machine ВПРС-П

Liner-tamper-straightening machine ВПРС-П

Price: upon request

Liner-tamper-straightening machine ВПРС-П of a mean type is a universal track machine of a cyclic action executing simultaneous or independent alignment, straightening and tamping of a railway track in longitudinal and cross profiles and in projection and also  a ballast compacting under the sleepers and the bars of the turnouts and the frogs.

ВПРС-П executes its work in semi-automatic an manual modes on the straight and curvilinear track sections with the rails up to P65 inclusively with the wooden and ferro-concrete sleepers and also on the turnouts with the wooden bars and frogs of from 1/9 up to 1/22 marks.

Having similar to ВПРС-02 production capacity of  tra alignment and tamping ВПРС-П is more simple in exploitation, has higher value of maximum surmountable track slope, smaller radius of passable curvature in a working and transport position, that makes the machine attractive for use on the approach, intra-factory and technological tracks of the industrial enterprises.

Climatic version type У, allocation category 1 under ГОСТ 15150, but for work at an environment temperature from -10°C up to +40°C when a ballast is not regelated.
Main technical characteristics*

Denomination of parameter

Value of parameter

Production capacity:

when aligning and tamping a track, sleepers/hour, up to     

when tamping the turnouts, turnouts/hour, up to




Maximum value of track raising, mm


Maximum value of track shift, mm


Force of raising, kN


Force of shift, kN


Accuracy of track alignment in a cross profile (on a level), mm


Quantity of tamping blocks, pc


Maximum surmountable track slope in the working and transport modes, ‰ (grades)

60 (3,42)

Maximum transport speed of self-propelled movement,km/h


Minimum radius of passed curvatures, m:

when the executing devices are in a transport position

when in a working position   




Overall dimensions, mm

length (on the automatic couplers axes)

height (with aerial)




          12 550±100

            4 150±50

            3 100±50

            8 000±50

Negotiation into gabarit in a transport position under ГОСТ 9238


Power of a power plant, kW (hp)         

        176 (240)

Weight in equipped condition, t


Control crew, pers.



1st May Kirovsky Mashzavod

*To provide technical characteristics required to the machine, the elements of a permanent way crest structure (rails, sleepers, binds, ballast, profile, etc.) must meet the requirements of the normative-technical documents valid relatively to the railways of a customer.

The Enterprise reserves the right to bring alteration into kitting-up and technical characteristics of produced equipment. Technical characteristics and possible kitting-up shall be necessary specified in a process of preparing of a request.

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