РОСТОК Production for the railways Self-propelled motor platform МПД-2

Self-propelled motor platform МПД-2

Price: upon request

Self-propelled motor platform МПД-2 is applied in building, repairs and current maintenance of a railway track having 1435 and 1520 mm track width.

The machine is destined for execution of various shunting works when laying new and dismantling old railroad bed   and also at a rail length assembly base.

МПД-2 serves as a hauling unit of a track laying train and pulls the rail length packs with ferro-concrete or wooden sleepers and rails P-43 – P-75 having length up to 30 m on the platforms equipped with the roll conveyors to a laying crane and from a dismantling crane. The machine is equipped with a mechanized system of pulling rope stretching along a consist of the feeding platforms. Two diesel-electric stations having power capacity of 120 kW each provide reliable work of МПД-2 mechanisms. Control of movement and working operations is proceeded from a comfortable driver’s cab which is transferred from a transport into working position and inversely with a hydraulic drive. The cab is designed taking into account single ergonomic and style decision which meets up-to-date requirements.
Application of ABS-plastic and sound-proofing material allowed to make a sound-absorbing and heat-insulating coating of the driver’s cab surfaces. The cab is equipped with an up-to-date microclimate normalization system which has an input ventilation unit and the filters providing delivery of clean air, and also a self-contained heater and a conditioner.

МПД-2 is equipped with fire detection and extinguishing in power units system.

Climatic version type У for placement category 1 under ГОСТ  15150 for work at ambient medium temperature from -45°C up to +40°C.

Main technical characteristics*

Denomination of parameter

Value of parameter

Load carrying capacity, kN (t-f)

589,0 (60)

Force of a crab for moving packs of rail-sleepers grate lengths, kN (t-f)

58,9 (6,0)

Maximum hauling force of the platform, kN (t-f)

127,0 (13,0)

Rope capacity of a crab drum, m


Length of laid length, m (no more than)


Quantity of the lengths with the rails in a pack, pc (no more than):

with ferro-concrete sleepers

with wooden sleepers   




Overall dimensions, mm:

length on automatic coupler


height in a transport position

maximum height in a working position


16 320

3 250

4 440

6 700

Power of a diesel-electric station, kW


Movement speed, km/h:


as a part of a train   




Minimum curving radius, m


Weight, t


1st May Kirovsky Mashzavod

*To provide technical characteristics required to the crane, the elements of a permanent way crest structure (rails, sleepers, binds, ballast, profile, etc.) must meet the requirements of the normative-technical documents valid relatively to the railways of a customer.

The Enterprise reserves the right to bring alteration into kitting-up and technical characteristics of produced equipment. Technical characteristics and possible kitting-up shall be necessary specified in a process of preparing of a request.


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