РОСТОК Production for the railways Loading-transport railmotor car МПТ-6

Loading-transport railmotor car МПТ-6

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The railmotor car is a self-propelled two-axle vehicle. Power plant (diesel ЯМЗ-238 Б-14) is on the rear stand under a cowl, it transmits power through a wedge-belt transmission to a three-phase generator and through a hydro-transmission and a cardan drive - to the axle reducers of the wheel pairs and a compressor.

Short description
The railmotor car is a self-propelled two-axle vehicle. A bearing cab with a load-lifting crane up is located on the front stage, diesel ЯМЗ-238 Б-14 is in the middle part under a frame. Power from the diesel is transmitted through the cardan shafts, a distributing reducer to the hydro-pumps, a compressor, hydro-transmission ГП-300 (or  ГMП-300) and from that through a cardan drive to the axle reducers of the wheel pairs and a three-phase generator.

Loading-transport railmotor car МПТ-6 is destined for:
▪ cargo loading, unloading and transporting on its own platform;
▪ cargo transportation on the trailer platforms;
▪ transportation of long-length cargo including the rails 25 m long on its own and a trailer platforms;
▪ transporting the working teams to a working place;
▪ performing shunting works on the station tracks;
▪ performing welding works in a field condition;
▪ removing a snow from the tracks;
▪ supply the consumers with 380/220 V, 50 Hz energy including lighting in a field condition;
▪ supply the consumers with 8-atm air;   
▪ use as a head machine as a part of complex for current track maintenance;
▪ cargo dragging with a crab from a side to a crane working zone.

Technical characteristics
Power of power plant, nom. 220 kW
Maximum trailer load on a platform 4000 kN
Constructional speed on a platform max 100+10 km/h
Technological speed (slow movement), shunting mode from 0 up to 10 km/h
Load-carrying capacity
- own platform (МПТ-6 vers. 3) 12 (11) t
Maximum lifting capacity of load-lifting crane with additional feet at an arm:
- maximum 2 t
- from 1,8 up to 3 m 6,3 t
- without additional feet at the arms, min/max 0,9/5,0 t
Lifting height of a load hook from the rail heads top, max 4,0 m
Dragging device (crab):
- force on a hook 600 kg
- distance from a track axis 30 m
Overall dimensions:
- length on the automatic couplers axes 12950 mm
- width (for 1520 mm track) 3320 mm
- height (for 1520 mm track)  5280 mm
- wheel base 7000 mm
Constructional weight, no more than  28,5 t
Track width 1520 (1435) mm

At a customer’s will the railmotor car can be equipped with КЛУБ-УП locomotive safety device.

V.V. Vorovsky  Tihoretsky Machine-building Factory

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