РОСТОК Production for the railways Track cleaning machine ПOM-1

Track cleaning machine ПOM-1

Price: upon request

Track cleaning machine ПOM-1 is destined for mechanized removal of snow and spillages from the intra-factory railway tracks of 1520 mm track width.
Main difference from the railway cranes is absence of a load crab and of the bracing jacks and also available brush equipment which is installed on a crane arm place. The brushes are used as the cleaning elements for cut of the load ropes having diameter from 18 up to 20 mm and 1050 mm long.

The machine has a unified multiple-motor diesel-electrical drive running on three-phase alternate current of  380 V voltage, 50 Hz frequency.

The machine is equipped with the brakes of normally closed type and with a pneumatic automatic brake when moving as a part of train. Turning working device (brush), besides possibility of 360° turn of a rotary frame, has possibility for 180° turn relatively to the vertical axis. This allows to use the machine for cleaning a track which it is located on the parallel tracks.

Diesel ЯМЗ-238Д and a generator of 150 kW power are mounted as a power plant.

To provide replacement of the brushes worn in a process of cleaning the ropes, the machine is equipped with a special reeling device allowing replacement of the worn ropes in any conditions including the “field” ones.

Range of ambient medium working temperatures is: from -40°C up to +40°C.

Main technical characteristics*

Denomination of parameter

Value of parameter

Speed of self-propelled movement:

working, km/h

transport, km/h




Height of removable snow layer, mm

          up to 300

Width of cleaned band, mm


Diameter of a brush (on the ends of the ropes), mm


Diameter of the brush ropes, mm


Rotation frequency of a brush, rpm


Rotation frequency of a track cleaner rotary platform, rpm


Surmountable track slope, ‰ (grades):

at a working speed

at a transport speed


25 (1,43)

10 (0,57)

Overall dimensions, mm:




tail dimension


11 300

4 100

4 465

3 600

Minimum curving radius, m


Trailing speed as a part of a train, km/h, (no more than)


Weight, t


1st May Kirovsky Mashzavod

*The Enterprise reserves the right to bring alteration into kitting-up and technical characteristics of produced equipment. Technical characteristics and possible kitting-up shall be necessary specified in a process of preparing of a request.

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