Machine 6963-01

Price: upon request

This machine is destined for complex mechanical machining “bogie bolster" detail, it provides machining both new cast work pieces and the details restored by weld deposition. Executed functions: milling a center bowl (including outer surface); milling 4 slant surfaces; milling the bearers; boring a pivot hole; drilling 2 holes Ø 23 mm. Machining a bogie bolster for bogie type 18-100 and its modifications and for the bogies of prospective models having increased axle load is possible without readjusting the machine. Dimension machining parameters for concrete detail are determined by data of CIM. Data input can be executed: - in manual mode; - by readout an information from bar-codes received with control inspection manipulator; - through electronic system. Parameters of the machines are meant for application a high production tool with faceted non-resharpened plates. A detail is fixed in the hydroficated devices. The machines allow execution without readjusting processing the details both of existing design and of new prospective models (in particular frames and bolsters having axle load up to 30 tons). Fig. 3.



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